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Under Tuscany's golden sun


What if time could just stop? In the heart of Italy, there's a land where time stands still. With its reddish poppy fields, silvery olive groves, bushy vineyards, amazing stone farms in the middle of nowhere and ancient medieval castles inside of sleepy villages. Where fairytales touch reality, under Tuscany's golden sun.

Our collection ''Sei in Gamba'' is inspired by Tuscany's wonders, discovered while traveling from north to south of this region and it is an italian expression that means ''You are courageous'', the last words a farm owner pronounced in the end of our journey.

In a world where the destructive habits of greedy humans are becoming more evident and painfully effective, Tuscany lies almost untouched, genuine, pure and free. Therefore, our collection features recycled and natural fabrics dyed with pigments that don't harm the environment. Each piece of our summer collection tells a story about our experience in this journey and every shape and colour comes from typical Tuscan elements. Our swimsuits are made for every woman, and they can be adaptable and adjustable to every kind of body.