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This year we went to Sicilia, the land of ancient landscapes and timeless traditions. Getting to know Sicilia through the eyes of a sicilian, is always different, their connection with the land is amazing. We traveled from Palermo to Catania, got to know its amazing beaches, lost in time villages and amazing traditions.

Sicilia island is a pearl lost in the mediterranean, the land of fire, oranges and myths. Our new collection Terraferma is inspired not only in this beautiful island and people, but also in its connection to nature: most of the island wild landscapes are untouch by men and the greatest example is mount Etna, or how sicilians call her, Mamma Etna. She represents nature’s power, with her crushing strenght and, at the same time, a symbol of fertility, life, rebirth and transformation.

Each piece of our summer collection tells a story, and every shape, name, material and colour come from Sicilian elements, featuring Etna. Therefore, earth tones and bio and organic materials, are the new additions to our new collection, not forgetting the Sensitive fabrics, 100% made in Italy, reducing waste, the use of water and chemicals.



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